Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving

I've been busy around the Studio & Gallery.  Though it is just Thanskgiving, I have to start celebrating Christmas to compete in the retail world and keep up with the consciousness of the consuming customer.  I also chomp at the bit to get it over with.  Yesterday, at the end of the day, I put out the Christmas tree and more holiday decorations so that I would have things ready for Friday.  In some ways it was festive, perhaps because of the anticipation.  Maybe I am just brainwashed by society.  Today I will enjoy Turkey, give Thanks for all that I have (health, home, friends, family), and take a moment from all that production and consumerism.  Kudos to the chefs and cooks, too, who serve up the bounty we shall enjoy.  The right tool in the kitchen is priceless.  Make it an artful accent as well. 

Seasonal Thoughts

"tis the season"...Well, it seems early to be thinking of the Holidays, but also like they have almost passed by already.  The hype has started (actually a while ago).  Commercials began before Halloween in October and decorations started to appear in the home stores after Labor Day in September.  Yesterday, I turned on the radio to listen as I was working in the studio and they were playing Christmas songs in November, before Thanksgiving, and not the very good ones.  I'll be tired of them before December even rolls around.  I'm in a bit of a quandry because I, too, have to be in the Holiday mode for the Gallery.  I have to market with the messages that everyone is hearing and try to attract sales before it is too late.  I also have to step up production to have things made in time, or it will be too late and they will have to wait until next year.  It's hard to push the practical side when, as an artist, I would just like to let the creative energy flow in it's own direction.  Sometimes,  I would like to relax and ride the wave with others rather than to make it.

Chill in the Air

It's November 1st...finally close to freezing outside at night.  I am thinking I like heat and warmth to keep the chill away.  Yesterday I wound 3 warps to put on looms and set up 1 loom for scarves.  I'm working with black and brown base warps, though I was also eyeing some turquoise and teals on the shelf.  This is the time I try to make as many scarves as I can for the upcoming gift giving season.  I have so many ideas, but can only weave 1 warp on 1 loom at a time.  Usually I try to take Monday off, but I have lots to do and I like what I do.  Can I get it all done?  And attend to non-studio activities.  There are still errands to do, bills to be paid, laundry to be washed and shopping to be tended to....Well, I paid some bills, did some errands, wove 3 scarves and put a new warp on a loom.  It seems I work harder when things seem slow, though I also sometimes wonder why?  Shouldn't that be the time to take a break?