This word has been in my mind lately...  Value yourself, value your work, value your time and others will value it as well.

I see artists who don't give themselves credit where credit is due, or don't think others will value their work for it's worth.  Unfortunately, we are being blasted with consumption and commercialism, especially now around the holidays, with marketing and sales everywhere.   Large companies are also trying to get more profit through selling quantity of sales and "pretending" to cut prices to move product when they are really still profiting or they wouldn't be able to do it.  More isn't always better, just as bigger isn't always better.  Many people don't realize that manufactured items are not always made to last, but it has to feed into changing fashion, and product demand to keep the cycle going.  Sometimes the right thing for the right time for the right use for the right person can mean much more than product for product's sake.  As I heard once, do we own the things we have (and want) or do they own us...  Get more bang for your buck by savoring things that mean something, acknowledging efforts around you, giving credit where credit is due, and investing in yourself and others.


Brrr. It's cold out!  Great weather for scarves and blankets.  Wouldn't it be cozy to curl up under one with a good book and hibernate...or bundle up and go out for a walk in the brisk air.  Oh, it would be nice to take the time.  I'm trying to pace myself this busy holiday season looking forward to getting a break in January...Meanwhile, I have thoughts of the aromas of warm, fresh baked goods in the air and the tastes in my tummy.  Holiday cookies anyone?  Time to satisfy in the senses all around and savor the gifts given to us.