I am a maker. 

In the wake of Destruction lies Creation. Be it last week, last month, last year, last decade, last century. Floods, Fires, Tsunamis, Earthquakes, Terrorism, War, Famine...

Celebrate the sunshine, celebrate life, enjoy what you have. 

Mark the old memories, but make new ones.

Be. Build. Bloom. Become.

Labor Day

What does it mean to you?  End of summer? A break from work? a long weekend for the beach? Back to school time?   Sales, sales, sales?

To me it should be a day of less work.  Conveniently it is scheduled for Monday, which is the beginning of my weekend anyways.  At least I get a day off the same time the rest of the world is off, though  they have been off for 2 days already.  I will try to work less.  Being self employed and liking what I do makes it hard to NOT work, but I will NOT be going into the Studio & Gallery.  We should celebrate our own labors and those of others.  I don't think it should be a day of focus on retail.  I know some people will have to work and sometimes it's a nice convenience when a store is open if you need something, but other than that, do you really need to shop and/or work ALL the time.  The world is open 24/7, and thinks it should be open or opportunities will be missed.  Most folks don't even take a day of rest each week.  Because their lives are so "busy" they have to spend their off time trying to make up things that don't get done.  What is really important?

I think it should be a day of relaxing and re-energizing, family & friends, picnics and parties.  How are you going to celebrate your labors and that of those around you? Today and every day?