Something New for Summer!

A little color and bling to accent your outfit! Add a Fiber Art Woven and Beaded Cuff Bracelet or Anklet to dazzle your friends and make a statement.  Each one is individually made, one-of-a-kind combination of colors and style 1"-2" W and adjustable lengths vary from approx 7.5"L-9.5"L.

Cool Caribbean Cuff

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Spring Sentiments

Winter seems to have passed, though for many it seems not to have been that severe, weather-wise.  March arrived with winds and warmth, and now we're turning towards April...

We are all coming out of our hibernation, our homes, our shells.    Ideas have been germinating, growing and bursting with potential, ready to hatch like colorful spring Easter eggs. 

We have been waiting patiently, and with perseverance, to see what comes next.  Will we find glimpses of new energy, new inspirations, new hopes, new projects every direction we turn?  Some things might appear in passing, while we may have to seek out others with a keen eye and a sense of adventure!

Keep your eyes open, and your wits about you!

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Time for introspection.  Digesting the past year and planning for the coming year.  Deciding goals, understanding intentions, evaluating actions... 

I'm in and out of the studio, trying to be out more than in.  It's hard to take a break sometimes when I love what I do and always want to do better.  Yet, breaks are needed to get perspective and re-energize.  Long walks on the beach, finding time to read, going out with friends, sitting by the fire with family...

We are a sum of our parts, chosen, selected by chance and/or with purpose. How does it all come together? How will it come together? How has it come together?