Coming Together

Setting up looms this week.  There's nothing like seeing things come together... I am reminded of the phase "in unity there is multiplicity and in multiplicity there is unity."  Perhaps it is the technician in me that enjoys the detail and repetition.  It gives a sense of order of everything in it's own place and just right.  Sometimes it's just seeing a design of the mind come together on the physical plane.  Then there is the possibilities to come when the weaving starts...adding pattern, texture, or color...

Winding Down with Alpacas

Handspun Suri Alpaca
16 sk 2ply 150 yds 17.7oz

Time well spent.

Leaving the Land of Alpacas soon.  In some ways I'm looking forward to getting back into the studio, in others I'm not.  It's been nice to have the luxury of time to spin and have fewer deadlines (made by others) and responsibilities (to others).  Now I will have to decide what to do with this batch of yarn, never mind the other batches that have been done before. It is precious for the time it took to make and for the energy that created it.  I hope that it also created and sent its own energy back into me to feed my soul for a while...