Muffin Moments

With the seasonal rush and chaos in the air, find a moment for yourself as I did.  I made Cider Muffins this morning to celebrate Saturday. I had leftover cider to use up and needed a break from the cold cereal, which while predictable, is sometimes a bit plain.  I found this recipe on and decided to try it out.  I substituted pecans for raisins and might add a tablespoon of sugar, but otherwise found it simple and satisfactory.  A great holiday pick-me-up before I headed for the Studio.

Seasonal Blessings

"Bless the Master of this House,
and the Mistress, too,
And all the Little Children..."

Remember Those Near and Far Away,
Those Who Have, and Those Who Have Not,
Friends and Family,
Enemies, and Adversaries.

Blue Blessings

Blue Blessings

The World is not Black & White,
and the Winter Holidays
are not just Red & Green!