Muffin Moments

With the seasonal rush and chaos in the air, find a moment for yourself as I did.  I made Cider Muffins this morning to celebrate Saturday. I had leftover cider to use up and needed a break from the cold cereal, which while predictable, is sometimes a bit plain.  I found this recipe on and decided to try it out.  I substituted pecans for raisins and might add a tablespoon of sugar, but otherwise found it simple and satisfactory.  A great holiday pick-me-up before I headed for the Studio.

Seasonal Blessings

"Bless the Master of this House,
and the Mistress, too,
And all the Little Children..."

Remember Those Near and Far Away,
Those Who Have, and Those Who Have Not,
Friends and Family,
Enemies, and Adversaries.

Blue Blessings

Blue Blessings

The World is not Black & White,
and the Winter Holidays
are not just Red & Green!

Shop Local & Shop Small Business Every Day

Invest in your community and in local business.  Think carefully about how you shop and spend.  There are choices everywhere, in what you buy and in where you buy it.  Buy local and it reinvests itself in your own neighborhood in quality and in character.

When was the last time you came by the Gallery? Do you keep up in other ways?  Do you know what’s new?  Often I hear customers come in and say, I live just up the road but have never been in.  Or, that they’ve come to see the “new” shop over a year after I moved locations.  Where have you been all year?  What have you been doing?

Do you expect local small business to be still be around when you are “ready” to take the time.  Our income is directly related to your patronage.  It can be a long wait on the other side of the counter.  I so often hear "where are the Pie Guys?"  "There used to be a bookstore here [years ago]," "last time I was here...there was [something else]," "what happened to [name a shop]."   If you only come in once every few years, we business owners need 365 x [# of years] customers like you.  And did you make a purchase when you came by? If not, add another to the previous total. 

When the economy is hit, people also spend less regardless of what they make.  They expect more deals from those who might not me able to give deals, from those who have the same sorts of bills, who have to pay inflating prices for gas to get to and from work, or to buy food, or housing. Yes, I have a job, but though I go in to work everyday, and every hour, I can’t rely on a weekly or monthly wage from another party.  I hope at the end of the day, and the end of the year, I can look forward to the next one with enthusiasm and energy that will continue to be fed and renewed by the great folks who come through the doors of my shop. 

Owning a small business is a choice and a challenge, as much as choosing to buy from small businesses.  Let’s help each other make the right choices.

Thank you, 
Amy C. Lund, Handweaver
Studio & Gallery

Fall Harvest eNews!

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If I had a boat...

I'd Sail on the Bay...
...But Since I Don't,
On the Beach I'll Stay...
Until the Time Comes to Fly Away.


I am a maker. 

In the wake of Destruction lies Creation. Be it last week, last month, last year, last decade, last century. Floods, Fires, Tsunamis, Earthquakes, Terrorism, War, Famine...

Celebrate the sunshine, celebrate life, enjoy what you have. 

Mark the old memories, but make new ones.

Be. Build. Bloom. Become.

Labor Day

What does it mean to you?  End of summer? A break from work? a long weekend for the beach? Back to school time?   Sales, sales, sales?

To me it should be a day of less work.  Conveniently it is scheduled for Monday, which is the beginning of my weekend anyways.  At least I get a day off the same time the rest of the world is off, though  they have been off for 2 days already.  I will try to work less.  Being self employed and liking what I do makes it hard to NOT work, but I will NOT be going into the Studio & Gallery.  We should celebrate our own labors and those of others.  I don't think it should be a day of focus on retail.  I know some people will have to work and sometimes it's a nice convenience when a store is open if you need something, but other than that, do you really need to shop and/or work ALL the time.  The world is open 24/7, and thinks it should be open or opportunities will be missed.  Most folks don't even take a day of rest each week.  Because their lives are so "busy" they have to spend their off time trying to make up things that don't get done.  What is really important?

I think it should be a day of relaxing and re-energizing, family & friends, picnics and parties.  How are you going to celebrate your labors and that of those around you? Today and every day?

Sunday Musings – Treat Yourself to Textiles

Take the time to slow down and enjoy the moment.  Sunday morning paper, biscuits and muffins, family and friends… taste the flavors of fresh food, feel the textures of textiles.  Can you smell scent of the nutty Pecan biscuits? A little leftover flour on your fingertips, brush that off.  Tantalizing, stimulating, enough to get you through the day… Catch your breath.  Tomorrow is Monday… maybe there's still another biscuit left...

A Penny a Day, or Brother, Can you spare a Dime?

Is the Economy getting to you, too?  I've just made some new small rag coin purses and they bring to mind thoughts of mindful saving and spending.  "A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned" What is a penny or a dime worth these days?  "Find A Penny, Pick it Up, All Day Long You'll Have Good Luck!" Do you pass them by on the pavement or pick them up?  I certainly want the luck!  Are you a thoughtful spender or an impulse buyer, think long-term or short-term?  Do you bag your own lunch in something special, or buy it out when the moment hits?  How can we feed our economy better all around?  What can we do for each other?  Everyone wants or expects a deal, but aren't always in the position to give it themselves.  Hmm...

Many are out of work and looking for jobs, getting a little income from unemployment, others are self-employed, relying on the income from those who have jobs, and there are others who seem to have more money, it seems, than small countries and not know what to do with it.  It's a crazy circle of dependence. 

Perhaps we all can try to do what we can, where and how we can, for those we can...

Meanwhile, back in my studio, I'm making a few more coin purses, cause I can and cause I like them and am having fun.  They are useful and will last.  They are artful and have style.  I'm recycling and reusing materials leftover from other projects, too.  Waste not, want not! And have a good time.  Here's from "Rags to Riches!"

Summer is coming.

It's only Wed, which should be my Monday, and though it's only June, I feel like I'm already partway through the summer season... I'm busy working around the Studio making stock and preparing for the summer crowds (I hope).  I haven't had much time or focus on blogging.  I could use an assistant or two to help me keep up with everything.  Any volunteers?  Meanwhile, the answer seems to be to get up at dawn and drink coffee...

I've been using the other part of my brain lately...I've been weaving, working on a new pr postcard design, prepping for another eNewsletter...among other things.  So stay tuned to my Facebook, Twittter, Website, Etsy Shop, and the Studio & Gallery for updates!  If I'm not posting here, I may be posting somewhere else in cyberspace.

I've been filling out my  Simplicity Scarves Collection with more Tranquil TonesSoothing Stripes , and Calming Colors ...

Center yourself with a Simplicity Scarf…
Shake the stress that is strangling you. 
Replace it with soothing style. 
Let go of your worries, wrap up and relax…


Meanwhile, If your looking for inspiration for Summer Decor, Look no further than Etsy!  This Treasury recently made the FP with one of my Rugs!  I've also added many other Treasuries to my favorites for ideas.

Well, off to do more of all of the above!  ....Maybe I can relax and sleep in later in the season....or not... 

There's not much new under the sun...

Can you re-invent the wheel?  There's been a lot of chatter about large companies copying individual artist work lately... (youthoughtwewouldntnotice) We all use the world around us for inspiration, but it is how we use it that make the difference.  I like to think everyone has a different take on things.  Attempts at imitation are a form of flattery in some ways, but direct copying shows no original thought.  Meanwhile, sometimes we often get to the same place from different paths, but it is important to explore your own path.

It's also hard sometimes to put your creativity out for everyone to see.  It can almost be like identity theft if someone uses it for their own purposes.  Yet, we shouldn't hide away in our studios and be paranoid!  Otherwise, no creativity is shared.  With all these venues on the internet we are all constantly warned about giving out too much information, but if we all cannot share a little we might might as well be living in a vacuum or a tunnel.  I guess the answers are, in part, to be careful, but keep your eyes open and be responsible (and maybe cross your fingers?).

A friend pointed out an article recently in a weaving magazine showing scarves similar to the Lattice Scarves I've been making again this season.  The general look is similar, but use slightly different methods to get there. I know that anyone can make the basic design, but I was hoping I was doing something a bit in my own way and original to my own audience...and my take on it reflects my color, pattern sense and texture.   I don't want to get lost in the crowd, or be thought of as following a trend... one always wants to be unique and trendsetting!

Etsy Front Page

Mini Me made it to the front page of Etsy!

Silence is Golden...

It's been a while since my last blog...(heard that before?)  I'm new at this and sometimes don't know what to post.  Yet, I've also been hearing some other blog friends say they have been remiss as well on their own sites, so I'm in good company.  What does this mean?  Maybe it also means that we have all been busy creating or living life.  It's not all about computers, blogs and websites, and we must remember that. 

I've been busy weaving a rug, scarves, table runners, hemming & tying fringes, building up spring/summer stock, finishing orders, taking photos and working on adding and tweaking listings on my Etsy shop

Sometimes I think I don't have enough time to do everything I want to do and wish I had time to do more, and sometimes I think I have too much time on my hands and can't find my focus to use it wisely.  All things come around, I hope.  So, here is a blog moment between things...

Fiber Therapy

Good for the soul, good for our health.  All that wool, another idea...

Felting is not my specialty...can you teach an old dog new it worth the bother?...  maybe it's just fiber therapy.  At least it gets me away from the computer for a little while and off the loom.  Fiber is fun and I certainly can't spin all that I've got stored away. 

First attempt yesterday, not exactly to my liking, 
but very organic...

Today, I changed my technique 
and mastered uniformity and delicacy...

Now, I'm not sure about durability or practicality, but it seems that's what is sometimes the style.  After all, I make very delicate lattice scarves on the loom.  Who's to say?  I'm still contemplating some finishing touches, but the simplicity is growing on me the more I play with them and shape them.  What do you think? 

Fresh Hints of Spring

Do you feel it yet?  I'm trying to get in the spirit of lighter layers and colors.  New Lattice Scarves are just off the loom for Spring and Summer.  Some days the air is hopeful and seems warmer.  The daffodils and crocuses are cropping up despite the snow showers to soak up the sun. Think of May flowers to come.  Soon...
 Lavender Lattice Scarf

Meanings Behind Our Work

I've been thinking about this recently (actually I think about it all the time).  Another artist friend just blogged on this as well, so I'll add my two cents.  (

So many artists put their work out there and think it will speak to others by itself.  Sometimes it helps to make a connection, from ourselves, to others, and for others.  I often call this the "J.Peterman" effect to those who remember the stories about the scarves and jackets that Amelia Earhart might have worn to circle the world and live an adventurous life...   I couldn't believe yesterday to see that Kashi cereal "is like a haiku" and also has a haiku on the box.  Yet, that is part of the aura and connects the product to the consciousness of the consumer. (Otherwise, eat generic oats)  True, part of all this is marketing (and to some that means bad) and part of this is getting your views of your work across to your audience.  A sunset might be a sunset, but it also might be "glistening gold and scarlet shimmering across the celestial sky."  Somewhere someone said that you should describe things as if for a blind person, for which I don't mean just without vision, but without the ability to see, feel, experience, understand.  The more you understand your own work and how to interpret it, the more it will carry across to the world.  Some people may get it without the background, but others need their eyes and minds opened.  Some may never get it, either.  They will have impersonal machine products that take up space and are disposable.  Me, I would like to connect, with people and the things they make to have a context.  Sometimes, it's easy, other times, I have to work harder at it...

This month I've been working on some towels (and rugs, and scarves, and all that goes with the job)....  I will probably be working on them for a while, since I put a long warp on.  It is a basic white warp with a border pattern that I tried in a heavier thread (though that didn't work out quite as I was thinking, but not in a bad way).  I got a few finished in white last week and made some in a light chambray blue ones yesterday and the day before.  I'm thinking the next round will be darker, navy blue, but then again, I'm also leaning towards spring greens or a natural linen/cotton weft.... 

I like the simple clean look.  It's classic and pure.  Yet, how do I convince others that simple can be sophisticated.  These won't be inexpensive, but they will endure... They have a texture that invites touch, but people think they are too "nice" to use.  So, I have to get them past that.  (I know, this round is white, too.)  I was thinking yesterday of the "scars" of experience.  That is, I mean to say, the scratches in one spot on a table that the 40y "nephew" made banging his spoon at 3y, or when "Aunt Sue" spilled the gravy on the linen table cloth that has been used for family holiday get-togethers every year, or the occasion chip in the china that happens despite our best care washing by hand.  Things don't last forever and if we put them on a pedestal, they never get used or enjoyed, or end up in museums.  We need to connect with our lives and sometimes remind others to connect as well.

If we just put our work out there, people just might not get it.

Small Parts

Today I am thinking of the small parts we have in this greater world.  Trivial things add up to greater things.  What may seem unimportant at one moment, may not be at another.  We make choices all the time.  I try to be mindful.  Sometimes things go our way and sometimes they don't.  What do we take from it, or pass along...I have to hold steady in my pursuit of my goals, even if I have doubts occasionally.  Stay true, while being aware.  Find your voice and speak your voice.

A post from a friend Is Talent Enough? makes me think and led me to another, Gatekeeper, I am you.

Timing is everything...

Last week, I finally managed to sort and dig out around the Atkinson loom finally and get a warp on it.  It has been sitting since the Oct move amidst boxes of rags and wound warps.  I finally got space cleared to work and tied the harnesses, lams and treadles back together, fixing frayed ties along the way and praying for the rest to hold a while longer.  I put a warp on for an order and got it threaded as well.  The time was right.  For all that I've been putting it off, avoiding it, etc., now it is workable!  Of course, I also now need to clone myself to add that project to my list: shawls on the LeClerc (1 more to go), towels on the Macomber (just started 21yds), runners on the Hammett (1/2 has been woven for order), and rag bags on the Toika (a few done, a few to go)... Never mind the projects I still want to do after these...

Today, I hope to get started on the new warp...I guess I had to get some of those other projects out of my system this past week: a few towels, a couple of scarves, several bag bodies...

A good project for the day's contemplation of world chaos.

Coming Together

Setting up looms this week.  There's nothing like seeing things come together... I am reminded of the phase "in unity there is multiplicity and in multiplicity there is unity."  Perhaps it is the technician in me that enjoys the detail and repetition.  It gives a sense of order of everything in it's own place and just right.  Sometimes it's just seeing a design of the mind come together on the physical plane.  Then there is the possibilities to come when the weaving starts...adding pattern, texture, or color...

Winding Down with Alpacas

Handspun Suri Alpaca
16 sk 2ply 150 yds 17.7oz

Time well spent.

Leaving the Land of Alpacas soon.  In some ways I'm looking forward to getting back into the studio, in others I'm not.  It's been nice to have the luxury of time to spin and have fewer deadlines (made by others) and responsibilities (to others).  Now I will have to decide what to do with this batch of yarn, never mind the other batches that have been done before. It is precious for the time it took to make and for the energy that created it.  I hope that it also created and sent its own energy back into me to feed my soul for a while...

Tides and Textures, Waves and Wanderings...

Inspiration Outside the Studio...


  Nature is so simple and so complex in itself, I wonder how to meet and match it in my own way.  I strive to master my skills at the same levels to carry across the same essence....

Spinning and spinning...

Spinning my wheels in Alpacaland... Been here a week and have one spool done...more than enough yet to go...
...and I'm still working on the one bag from my previous visit...

It's a change of pace from the Studio & Gallery.  I see so many possibilities...but not enough time in the day(s).  It's like being surrounded by fortune, but not knowing how to use it.  Sometimes it's more than you need as well.  One day at a time.  This is supposed to be vacation as well, after all.  So the wheels keep on turning...

Old & New

The year ended and I finished off 2 looms.  I'm ready to start the new year with new projects and new ideas.  I've set the recent batch of scarves to soak and wash this morning.  Day off? Sure.  When I get back to the studio tomorrow,  I will turn my thoughts towards re-setting the looms for some orders.  The yarn just came and there are samples to be made.  Soon I will be off for annual break, much needed after a long year of constant retail work in the gallery, moving locations, and production in the studio.  I feel good about the last year and have hopes for the coming one.  "All will be revealed." Onward, upward, and outward.  Forward and toward...2011.