A Penny a Day, or Brother, Can you spare a Dime?

Is the Economy getting to you, too?  I've just made some new small rag coin purses and they bring to mind thoughts of mindful saving and spending.  "A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned" What is a penny or a dime worth these days?  "Find A Penny, Pick it Up, All Day Long You'll Have Good Luck!" Do you pass them by on the pavement or pick them up?  I certainly want the luck!  Are you a thoughtful spender or an impulse buyer, think long-term or short-term?  Do you bag your own lunch in something special, or buy it out when the moment hits?  How can we feed our economy better all around?  What can we do for each other?  Everyone wants or expects a deal, but aren't always in the position to give it themselves.  Hmm...

Many are out of work and looking for jobs, getting a little income from unemployment, others are self-employed, relying on the income from those who have jobs, and there are others who seem to have more money, it seems, than small countries and not know what to do with it.  It's a crazy circle of dependence. 

Perhaps we all can try to do what we can, where and how we can, for those we can...

Meanwhile, back in my studio, I'm making a few more coin purses, cause I can and cause I like them and am having fun.  They are useful and will last.  They are artful and have style.  I'm recycling and reusing materials leftover from other projects, too.  Waste not, want not! And have a good time.  Here's from "Rags to Riches!"

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  1. Oh, how lovely -- love these penny bags. Very sweet and touching. Nice colors. And so appropriate, as we seem to be heading into another recession, if not an all out Depression; sorry to be a pessimist but there is little good news these days. Hurricanes don't help! So yes, we should all be counting our pennies, as well as our blessings.