Small Parts

Today I am thinking of the small parts we have in this greater world.  Trivial things add up to greater things.  What may seem unimportant at one moment, may not be at another.  We make choices all the time.  I try to be mindful.  Sometimes things go our way and sometimes they don't.  What do we take from it, or pass along...I have to hold steady in my pursuit of my goals, even if I have doubts occasionally.  Stay true, while being aware.  Find your voice and speak your voice.

A post from a friend Is Talent Enough? makes me think and led me to another, Gatekeeper, I am you.

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  1. Wow, both of those posts were mighty long, but I get the point!

    I think if we do what we love because we love it, that should be enough. If it resonates with someone on a visceral/personal level, then YAY!

    Recognition for a job well done feels good. But if we need it to keep on keeping on, then most of us won't get very far.

    Creating is a meditation. I say do what makes you feel good.