Fiber Therapy

Good for the soul, good for our health.  All that wool, another idea...

Felting is not my specialty...can you teach an old dog new it worth the bother?...  maybe it's just fiber therapy.  At least it gets me away from the computer for a little while and off the loom.  Fiber is fun and I certainly can't spin all that I've got stored away. 

First attempt yesterday, not exactly to my liking, 
but very organic...

Today, I changed my technique 
and mastered uniformity and delicacy...

Now, I'm not sure about durability or practicality, but it seems that's what is sometimes the style.  After all, I make very delicate lattice scarves on the loom.  Who's to say?  I'm still contemplating some finishing touches, but the simplicity is growing on me the more I play with them and shape them.  What do you think? 


  1. This is inspiring, as I bought a felting kit two years ago and have yet to explore it -- am too busy collecting and trying out new looms! (My latest obsession, the 3 ft triangle loom...) But the result from felting can be just gorgeous.

  2. Very cool! I haven't tried felting, but I'm pretty sure I would fail miserably at it! But, the point is to just keep exploring until you find something you like! Great job!

  3. Bold adventures into new fiber places! Good for you for taking some time to play and learn new stuff. It looks very promising! ~Annie