There's not much new under the sun...

Can you re-invent the wheel?  There's been a lot of chatter about large companies copying individual artist work lately... (youthoughtwewouldntnotice) We all use the world around us for inspiration, but it is how we use it that make the difference.  I like to think everyone has a different take on things.  Attempts at imitation are a form of flattery in some ways, but direct copying shows no original thought.  Meanwhile, sometimes we often get to the same place from different paths, but it is important to explore your own path.

It's also hard sometimes to put your creativity out for everyone to see.  It can almost be like identity theft if someone uses it for their own purposes.  Yet, we shouldn't hide away in our studios and be paranoid!  Otherwise, no creativity is shared.  With all these venues on the internet we are all constantly warned about giving out too much information, but if we all cannot share a little we might might as well be living in a vacuum or a tunnel.  I guess the answers are, in part, to be careful, but keep your eyes open and be responsible (and maybe cross your fingers?).

A friend pointed out an article recently in a weaving magazine showing scarves similar to the Lattice Scarves I've been making again this season.  The general look is similar, but use slightly different methods to get there. I know that anyone can make the basic design, but I was hoping I was doing something a bit in my own way and original to my own audience...and my take on it reflects my color, pattern sense and texture.   I don't want to get lost in the crowd, or be thought of as following a trend... one always wants to be unique and trendsetting!

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