Chill in the Air

It's November 1st...finally close to freezing outside at night.  I am thinking I like heat and warmth to keep the chill away.  Yesterday I wound 3 warps to put on looms and set up 1 loom for scarves.  I'm working with black and brown base warps, though I was also eyeing some turquoise and teals on the shelf.  This is the time I try to make as many scarves as I can for the upcoming gift giving season.  I have so many ideas, but can only weave 1 warp on 1 loom at a time.  Usually I try to take Monday off, but I have lots to do and I like what I do.  Can I get it all done?  And attend to non-studio activities.  There are still errands to do, bills to be paid, laundry to be washed and shopping to be tended to....Well, I paid some bills, did some errands, wove 3 scarves and put a new warp on a loom.  It seems I work harder when things seem slow, though I also sometimes wonder why?  Shouldn't that be the time to take a break?

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